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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My little man got to hang out with my little friends!

Little Rock had an unbelievable wind storm last night causing a lot of places to lose power...including Benjamin's school and making them close at 1 today. I had to get him before his school closed, but luckily we were having our class Christmas party today (and yes, I still call it a CHRISTMAS party instead of a holiday party!). Ben Ben was so excited to see me and to find out where he was going that he wouldn't stop talking from his school to mine! He had such a great time with my little Kinders and they were so sweet to him! My "teacher for the day" was absent today, so I let him be the line leader while he was their and now he keeps reminding me that he's the teacher. Ha!

Being cool with the big kids.

Watching a movie so I could get some assessments done.

The kids decorated cookies during the party so Ben Ben had to partake!

Ben Ben wasn't the least bit shy licking the icing!

Or using the sprinkles!

Or eating it!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The kids got to spend the night with VeVe and help her get her house ready for Christmas...even though we haven't even had Thanksgiving! VeVe was even brave enough to take the kids to the mall to see Santa.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Rock Star and a Pirate at church

We went to the Fall Carnival tonight at church. Mary Elizabeth chose to be a rock star (thanks to Fresh Beat Band) and Benjamin wanted to be a lion. Sadly, I couldn't find a lion costume big enough for him! So Drew took him shopping and Ben Ben chose a pirate costume.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A tired little girl

The kiddos of LRSD were out today for Parent Teacher Conferences. So that means that I have to find someone to watch ME since I'm a teacher. Boo! Anyway, she got to spend the day with her cousins and Aunt Kari. She obviously had a blast because she fell asleep in the car maybe 5 minutes after I picked her up, then fell asleep again after we met her teacher for her conference, and then she fell asleep on the couch like this shortly after 7 (DURING DANCING WITH THE STARS!).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'll have a blue party with you...

Ok, Ok, I know that's not how the song goes, but it's what came to mind! When I asked Benjamin what kind of party he wanted way back in June after McKenzie's party, he instantly said a "Red Party!" But then he quickly changed his mind to BLUE! I know we did it last year, but it was too perfect...we had his party at the park again and it was great weather again! Praise the Lord!!!

This is how Benjamin has been showing his age the past few weeks, even though he just turned 3 last week. :) He says, "Three right here!"

LaLa made blue spinach dip and blue cheese dip...

do you know if the kids had any of it? :)

I love my little Smurfs!

Annie was probably our most calm and cutest guest!

Thanks to Pinterest and ME's new love for Duct Tape, she and I covered much needed water bottles with blue duct tape.

I guess I can like my own brother sometimes. :)

Although the weather was beautiful, it was hot, making for some thirsty little ones!

I love how the birthday star always knows how to patiently sit and wait for everyone to sing!

This was the BLUEST cake ever! When I told the cake lady that my son wanted a blue party, she would not let me add sprinkles or anything else that would take away from the blue-ness! I loved it!

Those candles always taste so good!

Totally clean, right?

Ben Ben and Fisher=trouble!

My little man!

Blue makes everything taste better!

ME has really gotten into making lists lately. Making a list of Benjamin's birthday presents from his friends was not an exception. Her friend, Vivian, was a great helper, too!

Benjamin took his job of opening presents seriously,!

She was SERIOUS about her job!

A blue shirt from SuSu and Big Ben fit well with his party!

A blast from the past! His VeVe have him Lincoln Logs...he was excited!

I love how the OCD kicked in with his presents! He and his buddy lined them all up in a row. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

ME's field trip to the pumpkin patch

I had the privilege of going on ME's field trip to Motley's Pumpkin Patch today. I had the best time getting to watch her hang out with her new friends that she's made this year! She would not ride the bus because she was afraid that she would fall off of the seat since it didn't have seatbelts. Ha!
Below are some pics from the fun we had today. Being a teacher, I felt that I need to blur out the kid's faces since I didn't know them...just fyi.
Fun times on the hay pyramid!

An attempt to get a pic of the entire class. As you can see from ME's pose and her friend, the puc wasn't very successful. Ha!

ME and her buddy Kade were in class together their 1st two years and are now back in the same class again at their new school. They're so fun together!

ME loved getting to feed the goats.

She didn't want to leave the goats!

I loved getting to go on a hayride with my princess!

Another attempt of getting a group shot. You can tell how that went. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fair Day with the Grands

LaLa and Dandy took the kids to the fair today. From the stories I heard this evening, they had a blast!
Waiting for rides.

Flying on Dumbo

ME loves the animals!

The princess practicing her wave.

My expressionless-faced son loved Nemo! Can't you tell? :)

Benjamin did love the choo choo though!
Benjamin having fun on the choo choo.

The princess practicing her wave on the train.

It took all 3 of them to get LaLa to ride!

Doesn't she look like a natural?

I sure hope this is the only motorcycle that Ben Ben will ride!

They had fun racing, too!

I love how this pic looks like she's really racing!

I CANNOT believe that they got LaLa to ride the Teacups!!! She must think that these kids are pretty special!

A trip to the fair is never complete without a corn dog!

He loved his "porn dog"!

Mischeivous Ben Ben found some rocks.

You can't ever trust this cute face!

You just gotta love a corn pit!

Of course, Benjamin found shovels to scoop and I'm sure throw all of the corn with!

This looks like a comfy spot to rest!

My two handsome boys at the fair.

Ice cream is always a good treat, too!

Benjamin is pouting, though, because he didn't have his own cup.

The pout didn't last too long!

A day with the grands at the fair, some rides, a corn dog, and some ice cream...makes for a happy girl!
 After a fun day at the fair, these kids were definitely NOT tired...

...or were they?