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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My little man got to hang out with my little friends!

Little Rock had an unbelievable wind storm last night causing a lot of places to lose power...including Benjamin's school and making them close at 1 today. I had to get him before his school closed, but luckily we were having our class Christmas party today (and yes, I still call it a CHRISTMAS party instead of a holiday party!). Ben Ben was so excited to see me and to find out where he was going that he wouldn't stop talking from his school to mine! He had such a great time with my little Kinders and they were so sweet to him! My "teacher for the day" was absent today, so I let him be the line leader while he was their and now he keeps reminding me that he's the teacher. Ha!

Being cool with the big kids.

Watching a movie so I could get some assessments done.

The kids decorated cookies during the party so Ben Ben had to partake!

Ben Ben wasn't the least bit shy licking the icing!

Or using the sprinkles!

Or eating it!

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